Crimson Red/Desert Camo Fishtail with Silver Metal Buckle


Handmade item

Materials: 550 Type III Commercial Paracord, Silver Metal Buckle

Made to order



"A stylish paracord bracelet for all that can be used with your casual and even formal wear."

"Crimson Red/Desert Camo Fishtail" - 550 (7 strand) Type III Commercial Paracord bracelet & 12.7mm Silver Metal Buckle.


How to customize your bracelet? 

  • Determine your wrist size (inches) 
  • Choose your color/s
  • Customize your weave/knot
  • Customize your buckle


Attention! When choosing a size, keep in mind that it is not the length of the bracelet. It is wrist size in circumference.


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